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WHITE PAPER: Mobile Credentials: Access Control for the Mobile Workforce

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Abloy UK has launched a new discussion paper which explores the reasons for the increased demand for mobile credentials, particularly in critical infrastructure where they’re being used to answer the need for flexibility, convenience and improved operational efficiency.

In addition, they provide an easy way to manage access rights with instant delivery, and increased security and sustainability.

A mobile credential is a digital access key that allows you to authenticate with your smartphone, and use it to gain access to a building, room, or site, replacing a traditional key, fob or a card.

The paper addresses the demands from critical infrastructure businesses which need flexible, reliable key management for a wide variety of sites. From electricity substations to railway track-side cabinets and signal boxes, ISP network cabinets, telecom towers and many more, often in remote locations.

Many sites require shared access by different companies, sometimes by employees, often by contractors. Abloy’s whitepaper discusses the range of options available to businesses to ensure their assets are secure.

It also explains how Abloy can help companies improve operational efficiency with effective key management, reducing risk, reducing wasted journeys, saving money and contributing to their sustainability objectives.

Steve Wintle, Head of Critical Infrastructure at Abloy UK, said: “The world is adopting new technologies at an astounding rate, and as a society we are becoming more reliant on, and comfortable with digital devices. When it comes to managing access control, mobile credentials are gaining popularity across a wide range of industries and applications.

“In this whitepaper, we discuss how mobile credentials have the power to revolutionise access control, making it a more sustainable, convenient, flexible and money saving strategy. We also consider barriers to implementation and recommend the type of applications where they could be the ideal access solution.”

To view the whitepaper, go to

WEBINAR: Join Abloy UK’s ‘Keyvolution’ on July 8th

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By Abloy UK

Abloy UK would like to invite you to visit our live virtual exhibition ‘Keyvolution’, online on 8th July 2020.

An online round table discussion will take place reviewing the key security issues in CI businesses. Chaired by Steve Wintle, Abloy’s Head of CI, his team of specialists will offer advice and information to help you resolve your current security issues and plan for the future to keep people, property and assets safe and secure. 

You will also have the opportunity to ask the team questions on issues that concern you.

Please click the link below to register:

Abloy outlines key copying concerns in whitepaper

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Abloy UK has released a whitepaper highlighting the importance of key copy protection and what it sees as the misleading claims associated with the practice. 

Dispelling the Myth: Misleading Claims Around Key Copy Protection’, provides a best practice guide to intellectual property for products, covering trademarks, design registrations and patents.

The whitepaper also provides an example of when one party’s claims around a trademark on a key profile was challenged, the outcome, and the wider implications for the industry and those seeking a reliable and secure cylinder locking solution.

Steve Wintle, Head of CNI, Abloy UK, explained: “When investing in a new cylinder system, many overlook the availability of additional keys. Only a patent protects against keys being duplicated without the owner’s consent or knowledge.

“A number of suppliers have claimed to have key copy protection using trademark and design registrations, which is misleading. Statements such as ‘Unlimited trademark protection’ and ‘the key profile is protected by a registered trademark’ do not cover the functional element of the key.

“Our aim with this whitepaper is to inform individuals on this topic, offering a clear and practical approach to tackling this issue. We hope those who are considering investing in a new cylinder system find our latest whitepaper useful and understand from reading it why it is so important to invest in a solution that is patent protected. This will help to protect a site and people against a security risk that they may be unaware of.”

To learn more, and to read and download the white paper, go to:

Fire Door Safety Week: Know the risks

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Abloy UK has released an infographic that uncovers recent statistics around fire door safety and highlights the risks around non-compliance. 

The move marks the start of Fire Door Safety Week 2019, explaining how fire can spread fast, recommendations on how to make premises safe from fire, details of fire door regulations and responsibility and penalties for non-compliance.

Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director of Abloy UK, said: “Fire Door Safety Week is an excellent opportunity to shine a light on the issues around the risks of unregulated fire doors, and educate those responsible for ensuring safety in buildings.

“Although the initiative gives us a relevant platform to highlight these issues, fire door safety should be front of mind all year round – especially when the ultimate cost from non-compliance can be the loss of life.

“That’s why Abloy is committed to educating anyone responsible for the specification and installation of fire doors through our Academy – whether that’s an architect, specifier, systems integrator, landlord or facilities manager.

“We’ve been training delegates at the Abloy Academy on the points raised in this infographic and so much more for over a decade, and are proud to help ensure public safety through fire door safety education for many more decades to come.”

Check out the full infographic here: