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Free Push-to-Talk App from Tait

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To help you and your team stay safe and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tait would like to offer you Tait TeamPTT free for 3 months for 5 users on your team.

Tait TeamPTT connects radio, cellular and WiFi networks to provide Push-to-Talk for anyone, at anytime, anywhere, on a choice of devices that are familiar and fit-for-purpose. The Tait TeamPTT solution is available on either Android, iOS, or PC App.

To learn more about this offer and start using Tait TeamPTT for free, click here to sign up.

Communication is an essential part of lone worker safety

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There are a number of ways that a safety-enhancing radio system can be designed. Using a combination of worker-safety features, like Lone Worker, Man Down, or Location Services will improve response times dramatically which even can save lives.

If someone falls and gets hurt, and can’t call for help himself, dispatch will automatically receive notification and send help. Read about our latest innovation on safety and learn how Tait GeoFencing enhance worker safety and efficiency?