Anthony Garrett, Risk Management Specialist, Essex County Council

“Counterterrorism; a modern model of using cognitive psychology of risk (CPoR)”

Promotes implementation of theories in psychology and radicalisation to identify, deter and intervene early as a strategy alongside physical security measures, this approach is proactive and non-physical that improves security

  • What are Cognitive psychology pathways
  • Social, culture and risk theories
  • Radicalisation theories and case studies
  • CPoR; A Proactive approach in security
  • Non-physical vs Physical strategies/approaches

Don Oakley, Development Director, National Security Inspectorate (NSI)

“Raising Standards and Reducing Risk: The importance of Choosing Third Party Certificated Suppliers for Security Systems, Guarding and Fire Safety Services”

Don will explain why contracting third party certificated suppliers assures buyers and interested parties services will be delivered to the highest standards by businesses committed to quality and continual improvement.

  • Find out how this helps you in identifying competent suppliers
  • Why third party certification offers you protection
  • What does an audit actually cover?
  • Why suppliers choose to be independently certificated
  • Examples will be given for Security Systems, Guarding Services and Fire Risk Assessment

Figen Murray, Campaigner for Martyn’s Law

“From Tragedy to Positive Change”

After losing her son in a terrorist attack in May 2017 Figen Murray realised that there are no legal requirements for venues to keep customers and staff safe from terrorist threats. After starting a campaign, she is now working with the government on this legislation.

  • What happened at the arena and the weeks that followed?
  • The campaign
  • Working with the government
  • My concerns regarding the legislation
  • My hopes regarding the future of the security industry & the impact on society

Julie Barwick, Senior Manager – Industry Engagement, Security Industry Authority

“Buyers of Security Services”

To highlight how buyers of private security services can look to the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme as a hallmark of quality – the benefits of buying ACS.

  • The legislation
  • Eligibility and fit and proper
  • Quality indicators and assessment
  • The register
  • Aims of ACS and assessment