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Chris Phillips, CEO & Founder, The International Protect and Prepare Security Office

“Counter Terrorism Top Tips for Business”

The presentation will give an overview of reasons that you should take action, and what you can do to protect your staff, customers and Business against Terrorist attack.

  • Terrorism, crisis management
  • Are you fulfilling your Duty of Care to your staff
  • Are you preparing and protecting your people?
  • Innovations to help you.

Nigel Peers, Security General Manager, Chester Zoo

“Visitor Attraction Security”

Security in the Visitor Attraction Industry presents business opportunities across the sector, fully encompassing all aspects of the supply chain. From team organisation and deployment, distribution, integration through to end user expectations, Nigel presents an insight in to Visitor Attraction Security and the importance of a sound relationship with systems integrators.

  • Visitor Attraction Security Overview
  • Unique Applications
  • Supply Chain Security
  • End User Relationship
  • Service Support

Peter Moore, Ex Iraqi Hostage

Hostage in Iraq

Presentation on my time as a hostage in Iraq

  • How I ended up in Iraq
  • The Kidnapping
  • What I did to survive
  • What I am doing post release

Andy Newton, Associate Professor (Criminology and Policing), Nottingham Trent University

“Translating Knowledge to Practice: Interactive toolkits for decision making in security and crime prevention.”

This presentation outlines the necessary steps to develop an interactive best practice Toolkit for Security at Public Transport Hubs, drawing together the evidence base with expert knowledge to support decision making in a security context.

  • Designed with security practitioners
  • Designed to be situational/site specific
  • Supports range of decision-making processes for security personnel
  • Outlines steps in developing a truly ‘interactive’ toolkit
  • Discusses need to future proof with built in adaptability and flexibility

Nicola Thompson, Client Relations Manager, Northland Controls and ASIS UK WIS Director

“Women in Security”

Will be talking about women in security and how they progress through their careers, the roadblocks they potentially face and the general perception from Women who have been in the industry a long time to those just joining it.