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    Acunetix has announced the release of its new integrated vulnerability management system which claims to extend an enterprise’s ability to prioritise, control and manage vulnerability threats.

    Version 11 includes a new web-based user interface (UI) for greater ease-of-use and manageability, providing access by multiple users; in addition to integrated vulnerability management features for the review of aggregated data across all ‘targets’; and allows the creation of multiple user accounts to create, scan, and report on the targets assigned to each individual.

    Chris Martin, CEO at Acunetix said: “Acunetix has for the past 12 years been at the forefront in web application security with its cutting-edge vulnerability scanning technology.

    “With version 11 we have combined proactive scanning for web application vulnerabilities with the prioritisation of mitigation activities. This integration helps security teams gain the intelligence they need to work more efficiently, prioritising actions, assigning jobs and therefore reducing costs.”

    This is the first time Acunetix has introduced an enterprise-level product that integrates sophisticated automated testing technology with vulnerability management, at a price point accessible to every development team.

    Version 11 is available in three main editions:

    1. Standard Edition: Ideal for smaller organisations and offers the same level of vulnerability detection provided in the Pro and Enterprise Editions and includes Developer, Executive Summary and OWASP Top 10 reports.
    2. Pro Edition: Allows outsourced or insourced security professionals to group and classify asset targets. It integrates with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project management or bug tracking systems, includes comprehensive compliance reports, and integrates with top Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).
    3. Enterprise Edition: Holds the ability to deploy multiple scan engines managed by the central system and is will be able to scale from three to unlimited users and up to 50 Acunetix scan engines. 

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