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    Here at Initsys, we’ve years of experience providing Control Rooms with a solution for monitoring incidents, ranging from serious security events to daily facilities management issues such as broken radiators or windows. The problem is that the mundane can take operators away from the circumstances that involve serious crimes. Although our software, Merlin, can prioritize the more severe events, it still takes up valuable person-hours dealing with tasks that automation or robots within the software can easily do.

    We’ve focused much of the last five years developing automated processes that are part of our “rules engine,” which we use to determine how the system and an operator handle an event. The primary feature is HALO, a deep learning algorithm that looks for specific objects within CCTV footage. It takes no setup, and it is not video analytics. As long as that object is part of an existing database of over 15,000, all you need to do is tell Merlin what you want to see. Of course, 99% of the time, this is human activity, and if Merlin doesn’t see any, it handles the event itself. For some of our clients, this has reduced the number of false events down from, in some cases, tens of thousands a day to just a few thousand primarily legitimate activations.

    We can also automate the response to incoming calls and automate outgoing calls for regular events. Using other areas of our software, we can allow engineers to raise, update, and close maintenance jobs recorded through Merlin without any operator interaction at all, with all data saved securely to the database. By doing this, from the moment a maintenance concern is raised to the moment it is closed, it will have been handled automatically by Merlin. Meanwhile, operators are free to deal with the events that do require human interaction, allowing you to focus your training on more delicate areas and become more efficient as a control room.

    For more information on Merlin’s ability to automate much of what you do, please visit www.initsys.net.


    Stuart O'Brien

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