• Damages from cyber attacks to surpass $1 trillion

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    The security industry is investing heavily in ‘machine learning’ in hopes of combatting cyber attacks as damages are expected to exceed the trillion dollar mark within the next year.

    ABI Research expects machine learning in the cybersecurity sector to boost data, intelligence and analytics spending to $96 billion by 2021.

    Established antivirus companies are beginning to move away from supervised models to AI-led unsupervised and semi-supervised models in preparation of shifting threat variables.

    Industry analyst at ABI Research, Dimitrios Pavlakis, calls the move part of “an artificial intelligence security revolution.”

    Pavlakis believes the driving trend will displace most traditional antiviruses completely within five years as machine learning solutions become the dominant cybersecurity measure.

    “This radical transformation is already underway and is occurring as a response to the increasingly menacing nature of unknown threats and multiplicity of threat agents.”



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