• FLIR’s FC-Series ID proves to be ‘best-in-class’…

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    Founded in 1978, FLIR Systems, Inc. develops, designs, markets, manufactures and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness – creating its thermal intrusion business 12 years ago which continues to lead the market with a wide range of advanced systems and components.

    Its new addition, FLIR FC-Series ID, combines best-in-class thermal image detail and high-performance edge perimeter analytics in a single device that delivers optimal intrusion detection in extreme conditions and challenging environments.

    Capable of classifying human or vehicular intrusions, FC-Series ID cameras provide reliable detection without the need for human intervention, as well as:

    • Allowing analytics in corridor mode, reducing the number of cameras and improving the total cost of ownership.
    • Superior image quality in low-contrast conditions.
    • High performance optics to deliver crisp and clean thermal video.
    • A choice of lenses from 44 degrees (13mm) to 8 (VGA) degrees (75mm) to suit any perimeter or open area.
    • High analytic ranges to reduce the number of cameras and total cost of ownership (TCO).

    FLIR also offers a complete line of video management solutions with its United VMS product family. Coupled with high-end motorised IP cameras, FLIR provides the freedom to choose between end-to-end turnkey solutions and ‘best of breed’ approach, utilising its open platform infrastructure and customised applications.


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