• G4S introduces ThruVis cameras to protect against ‘sophisticated and covert threats’…

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    After reaching an agreement with the software development provider, Digital Barriers, it’s been reported that G4S has provided its entire workforce with ‘highly sensitive’ cameras when in attendance at public and private events, with the aim of uncovering potential threats concealed under clothing.

    Made available in the broader event space for the first time, the mobile and discreetThruVis’ cameras – which claim to detect guns and suicide belts through clothing from up to 10 metres – have been implemented by a number of international government agencies in a bid to detect criminal acts such as drug smuggling. In addition, the technology also boasts the competence of identifying liquids and explosives.

    Managing director of G4S Events, Eric Alexander told The Telegraph that the company would “protect the public from sophisticated and covert threats” by collaborating with industry partners; and brands the ThruVis cameras are substantial developments from baggage checks and metal detectors: “Given recent events we see this as an inevitable additional security measure that will rapidly become commonplace,” he said.

    Chief executive officer at Digital Barriers, Zak Doffman, commented: “Our partnership with G4S will help to secure public spaces and event venues globally, providing an additional layer of security that is not in place today. ThruVis has already been used around the world by government agencies to protect the public from acts of terrorism, now we hope to extend this to help protect the public from attacks on so-called soft target locations.”

    G4S currently employs more than 5,000 UK-based staff, operating at venues and occasions such as the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations and the Epsom Derby.


    Learn more about ThruVis cameras here


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