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    Effective security culture is about helping employees to adopt proactive and responsible best practice security behaviours. That’s why Layer 8’s new White Paper – Developing Security Culture – provides 8 practical principles for effective behavioural change. It is based on the work the company has been conducting with other organisations ranging from 100-33,000 employees on the creation of a ‘proactive security culture’ in which every single employee considers themselves to be a ‘Security Champion’ and ‘Company Defender’.


    Below is a sample of the8 practical principles for effective change’:


    1. Changing Culture Through Conversations: Conversations change culture.  That’s the bottom line.  Why? Because conversations are the lifeblood of any culture.
    2. Talking about what’s working: Quick Win – how does your organisation reward positive security behaviours?  Commending people makes them, and others around them, want to do more and better. 
    3. Communicating Culture: Always put the human at the heart of any message – protecting abstract data provides no emotional response, protecting people’s identity does.

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