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    4STF – 4 Secure File Transfer, pre-processing engine can be configured to integrate with trusted third-party software, such as Glasswall?

    4SFT’s pre-processing engine is an inline scripting solution that allows custom control scripts to be executed against files in the file transfer process. 4SFT interprets the outcome of these scripts, and a pass or failure can trigger multiple notifications or quarantines.

    Data verification capabilities include anti-virus scanning, magic byte and file extension checks, checksum verification, XML and JSON schema checking, and data transformation. In addition, third parties or application users can write scripts, and sample template scripts can be provided to make the process painless.

    Check our latest article about 4Secure Ltd’s TrustedFilter™ application, which performs content filtering and secure file transfers. 4Secure TrustedFilter will work with any cyber security vendor.


    About us

    4Secure are cyber security specialist established in 2003 to provide cross-domain security solutions to customers across various high-value and high-risk critical national infrastructure projects.

    We provide our solutions to various sectors including banking, education, military, and local and national government.

    4Secure provide scalable solutions, providing support for both SMEs and large organisations. As your data is your most valuable asset, we design our solutions with this in mind.

    We provide a range of data security hardware and software designed to give 360-degree protection for your important business infrastructure. Our solutions can scale from a standalone device or part of a cross domain solution.

    Read our latest e-brochure which provides a bit of an insight as to what we do and the products/services we provide.


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