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    Physical locking solutions like industrial locking systems are one of the most secure and reliable methods of security available.

    From securing remote or high security sites within national infrastructure sectors like water treatment sites, gas stations, telecommunication sites, transport, and rail. In many cases the protection and security of these sites are of the utmost importance, as in most cases any break-ins or vandalism can cause major disruption to the business and customers, loss of revenue to the organisation, data leaks and in tragic cases, loss of life.

    dormakaba have worked with some of the UK’s leading names within these sectors and more, to ensure that they have the highest level of security locking best suited to their individual and varied security needs. The longstanding partnerships formed between dormakaba and our clients help us work with them as design partners, ensuring that they are provided with the right industrial locking solution for their specific needs.

    From high security, copy controlled serrated and reversible key systems, LPCB certified & CEN rated padlocks, and more, dormakaba can work with clients to supply new or existing locking solutions suited to a wide range of applications, those requiring high levels of physical security.

    The three key benefits of choosing dormakaba for an industrial locking solution are:

    • We work with our clients as a design partner
    • We provide visualisation of the design, development, modification and optimisation of the locking system within the design stage, with the use of CAD design
    • We work with clients through the design, concept and prototype stages, through to a fully realised working product, in order to meet specific locking requirements.

    You can find out more about dormakaba’s capabilities by visiting www.dormakaba.com/oem


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