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    Dynamic CCTV is a leading security and surveillance distributor in the UK serving the industry for over 28 years and continues to provide excellent service, award-winning technical support, and second-to-none knowledgeable project support.

    Dynamic CCTV has seen some monumental changes from rebranding, warehouse enhancement, and development, internal systems advancement, going green initiative with more electric cars, charging points, forklifts among many changes and far more to come. All these changes help to ensure we have the equipment to hand, with minimal lead times for our customers ensuring projects are actioned in a timely manner and aid Dynamic CCTV in being the No.1  in the industry.

    Dynamic CCTVs project team offers a wide range of support and dedicated project services from knowledgeable team members who offer expert advice on a range of Hikvision products carefully selected to meet your specific requirements and functionality. Dynamic CCTV not only offer Hikvision but has also partnered with many project orientated manufacturers each with their own specific product lines and solutions which can work independently or come together to work as a fully integrated system.

    One of Dynamic CCTVs great project examples was one that enhanced and developed a customer experience control /demo room offering engineers and apprentices the space to be trained correctly with the most relevant surveillance products in the market showcasing a variety of products from Face recognition, Video displays, Intercom and Access control solutions ANPR, Radar, Fisheye, Human body analysis, Behavior analysis.

    Dynamic CCTVs involvement expands across Projects and Technical support pre and post-development of the facility. Dynamic CCTVs project token scheme offers an additional level of support which includes remote commissioning and custom remote training specific to the project and technologies used.

    To learn more, visit www.dynamic-cctv.com.


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