• INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Simpler, stronger access control through identity driven security

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    Physical and IT security work seamlessly together with EdgeConnector door access control software; delivering streamlined permissions administration, a simplified infrastructure that gives central oversight across all sites as standard, as well as cyber-physical protection capabilities that support information security and compliance.

    Security professionals can now leverage the power and flexibility of an IT network’s existing access management infrastructure, to protect people and premises, in addition to data. EdgeConnector’s unique approach to physical access management aligns door access control with IT-access control; both driven by a single shared directory of users, identities and permissions (typically using Windows® Active Directory). This radically simplified system architecture provides significant benefits over traditional models:

    Streamlined administration –data duplication and separate workflows can be dispensed with, so for critical processes like staff off-boarding, it’s possible to ensure all access privileges, to all premises and for all IT network resources, are rescinded in just one step. Role-based security models can combine door and IT access rights, maintaining consistency between the physical and logical access granted to staff whenever they change job function.

    Organisational fit– the rationalised, standards-based infrastructure is inherently scalable and easier for IT teams to support, giving Security teams the flexibility to manage the protection of the organisation as needs change. EdgeConnector’s dedicated physical access administration console provides authorised users with comprehensivecontrol and monitoring tools.  Alternatively, physical access rights can be incorporated into wider security permissions profiles, for allocation to staff through an existing Identity and Access Management platform.

    Central oversight– monitoring physical access across all locations and managing multi-site permissions for personnel are standard features with EdgeConnector, without any need for the complexities of installing additional infrastructure to share physical access information between sites.

    Real-time control– changes to physical permissions take immediate effect at all doors, thanks to the online architecture.

    SIEM by design– cyber-physical control capabilities can automatically prevent access exceptions that would otherwise require manned monitoring of alerts from additional Security Information and Event Management systems. User-location based controls can easily be applied, restricting digital access to sensitive data to within secure areas. Example usage includes: denial of access to patient medical records, or customer payment card processing, or financial trading applications unless authorised users are in nominated locations, blocking of Wi-Fi access outdoors, and prevention of privileged access to critical server administration functions from outside the data centre.

    Straightforward installation– by making use of the existing user directory and IT network infrastructure, minimal effort is required to connect and control any number of doors at any number of sites. Compatible door control hardware from Assa Abloy, Axis and HID can all be used on any standard IP network, including VPN, WAN and Cloud scenarios. .

    EdgeConnector’s standards-based approach extends to the credential used for door access. As well as mobile phone and biometric options an extensive range of contactless card standards can be used, including existing cards and readers if desired. To protect against the risk from card-cloning, an easy-to-use tool for managing bespoke RFID encryption keys allows organisations to securely encode popular cards for themselves.

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