• Willison calls for unity to fight ‘cyber physical attacks’

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    A leading security expert has warned of an increase in ‘cyber physical attacks’ and called for the industry to collaborate in the fight against these threats.

    James Willison is the founder of Unified Security, a company that aims to provide companies with security strategies to help align their security functions to spot and respond to security threats. Appearing at the Total Security Summit taking place between March 13 and 14, he is providing a talk discussing cyber crime and the physical ramifications.

    “Almost every day there are examples of cyber physical attacks on companies but few have the capability to prevent, identify and recover from these,” explained Mr Willison, “the urgent need is for physical and information security teams to prevent, identify and respond collaboratively.”

    Delivering a seminar on ‘the united security response’ to cyber crime, one of the biggest challenges to security for James is the risk of ‘cyber physical attacks’, digital attacks with real world ramifications.

    “I think the Internet of Things will begin to make an impact in the short term by various cyber physical attacks which will expose the vulnerabilities in physical security systems and SMART buildings,” he said, and while he believes these threats will have short term financial risks, in the long term the attacks “will become more disruptive as the 4th Industrial Revolution progresses and the threat of nation states pose risks to National security.”

    Originally training as a secondary school teacher and currently still an associate senior lecturer at Loughborough University, James Willison highly values education, which helped him understand the value of information security and data protection. He set up Unified Security in 2009, when he identified the importance of the security industry.

    “When looking for a career I realised that security is an essential field to be part of if we are to ensure the world is peaceful and also be free to enjoy our  liberties,” he said, “I am passionate about protecting people, organisations and their assets from harm and risk.”

    As security becomes more all-encapsulating, Mr Willison believes broadening your own industry knowledge is vital.

    “I would encourage professionals within the industry to commit to furthering their understanding of other areas of security so that they have a more rounded appreciation,” he continued, “this includes but is not limited to cyber security for physical security professionals and physical systems and crisis management for the Information Security professional.”

    “I am delighted to be speaking at the Total Security Summit and look forward to discussing how security professionals can develop a united security response to cyber crime and other cyber physical security attacks.”

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