• Panasonic opens doors to experience centre for security solutions

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    Panasonic’s new Customer Experience Centre in Bracknell is open for business, showcasing the firm’s range of B2B solutions using both physical and virtual techniques.

    Situated at the new UK headquarters on Western Road, Bracknell, the Customer Experience Centre is experienced as two zones.

    The first is an immersive 270 degree interactive presentation space, built around eight separate virtual vertical environments, and a demonstration space that allows customers to get hands-on with Panasonic technology.

    The showcase delivers a ‘blank canvas’ for innovation, designed to spark conversations around how Panasonic can solve business technology challenges.

    Speaking to Security Briefing, Panasonic spokesman Michael Pullan said building the Experience Centre was a necessary step as Panasonic had simply run out of space at its existing site.

    “Our security control desk with multiple screens forms the basis of much of what we’re showing,” said Pullan. “Visitors will be able to see and use some groundbreaking tech for controlling crowds, such as heat-mapping and people counting, all of which can be used to combat theft and other crime when combined with our facial recognition technologies.

    “From both a B2B and end-user perspectives, there’s now an entire generation that has grown up using screens and touch controls, and that opens up huge possibilities in terms of, for example, niche shopping experiences and related security, which we can now demonstrate to buyers in a state of the art, immersive space.”

    The smart security section features the latest in modern analytics software. A range of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras are equipped with an upgraded facial recognition platform which features a ‘deep learning’ core engine. The Face Server can identify faces that are difficult to recognise using conventional technology, including those partially hidden by sunglasses and face masks.

    The site was created with the help of AV design and integration by Sysco Productions, concept development by AB Creative, and content and physical build by Hart Wilcox,

    It features over 100 items of technology, with the presentation space squeezing nine laser projectors in to just 50m2 in order to achieve a fully immersive feel.

    The Centre focuses on five main topics:

    • Retail technology
    • Rugged computing
    • Audio Visual solutions
    • Communications Solutions
    • Next generation surveillance technology

    The Experience Centre features the latest Panasonic retail tech, including digital signage displays, electronic price tags and automatic stock monitoring, which uses CCTV analytics to detect low and no stock on shelves.

    In addition, a fully demonstrable lecture capture system automatically tracks a presenter, giving universities the ability to automate the recording of teaching sessions.

    All visitors are handed a 5” AndroidTM Toughbook rugged handheld on which a dedicated app allows them to select content of interest, ranging from white papers to brochures and introductory videos, via integrated NFC tags throughout the experience centre.

    These case studies are then emailed to the customer for follow-up, back in their office.

    A range of Toughbook rugged notebooks and tablets is also on show, with a rugged resistance test station, which allows water ingress, drop and impact testing of the range.


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