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    As we begin to rely more heavily on technology, the UK’s infrastructure is constantly evolving to keep up. The number of cabinets, kiosks and enclosures needed to house equipment such as electrical cables, control panels and pumps/valves is increasing. As well as the numerous advantages this gives operators, there are several risks associated.

    Securing field-based assets can be a challenge for any end-user. The priority is ensuring operational efficiency and protecting against vandalism, theft, or malicious attacks simultaneously. Adding in the pressures of keeping the public safe, selecting the correct locking system soon becomes a top priority.

    The dormakaba Enclosure Guard offers a high security, robust and reliable option for securing such equipment. Features include:

    • 98mm solid stainless-steel body,
    • 13mm stainless-steel locking bolt,
    • Pin/tumbler key mechanism that has been tested to the highest standards.

    Delivering high levels of resistance to physical attack whilst also securing against surreptitious manipulation, protecting against unauthorised access.

    As a worldwide access and security solutions manufacturer with over 150 years of experience, dormakaba has earned the trust of major end users and specialist OEM partners. We are a provider of robust patent-protected, high-security key & cylinder systems, designed to operate in some of the most demanding industrial applications. We’re proud of our ability to work with our clients as a design partner, offering CAD design and prototype & development facilities for new, bespoke and existing locking applications.

    Find out more about dormakaba Enclosure Guard, here: dormakaba Enclosure Guard


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