• Technological advances pushing mobile video surveillance growth

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    The Global Mobile Video Surveillance Market was worth $2.35bn in 2022 and expected to reach $4.25bn by 2028, equivalent to a CAGR of 8.79% over the forecast period.

    With rising crime rates in both digital and physical worlds, the importance of location and asset surveillance has increased. Mobile video surveillance, which facilitate real-time monitoring and remote access to video feeds from any corner of the globe, has emerged as an important tool for individuals, businesses, and law enforcement departments.

    From property surveillance to employee safety assurance to responding quickly to security threats, mobile video surveillance offers a versatile and potent solution for the end users.

    The Global Mobile Video Surveillance Market research report by Brandessence Market Research provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market trends, drivers, challenges, and opportunities in the industry. The report offers detailed insights into the market size, growth potential, and competitive landscape of the global mobile video surveillance market.

    Key Findings

    • Mobile Video Surveillance Market is expected to amplify with a CAGR of 8.79% over 2022-2029.
    • Growing crime rates and influx of advanced technologies in the field of security surveillance are aiding industry expansion.
    • By product, the VMS segment is likely to amass notable gains due to its ability to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of video surveillance systems.
    • MEA is projected to capture a substantial volume share over 2022-2029 owing to rising crime rates, increased terrorist activity, and the need to secure large-scale events.

    The report’s author define Mobile Video Surveillance as the use of portable video cameras and other related equipment to monitor and record activities in a particular location or area. It requires the deployment of cameras and other surveillance equipment that can be easily moved from one location to another, allowing for flexible and adaptable surveillance solutions. It offers real-time monitoring and recording of activities, enabling quick response to potential security threats or incidents.


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