• UK creates ‘AI Council’ to boost corporate artificial intelligence usage

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    Leaders from business, academia and data privacy organisations have joined an independent expert committee created to help boost growth of AI in UK business.

    The line-up includes online-only retailer Ocado’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Clarke, Dame Patricia Hodgson, Board Member of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and The Alan Turing Institute Chief Executive, Professor Adrian Smith.

    Other representatives are AI for good founder Kriti Sharma, UKRI chief executive Mark Walport and Founding Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics Professor David Lane.

    The government says AI Council members are already leading the way in the development of AI – from using it to personalise the shopping experience of Ocado orders while predicting demand, detecting fraud and keeping consumers safe, to the Alan Turing Institute building on the great British pioneer’s legacy by identifying and overcoming barriers of AI adoption in society, such as skills, consumer trust and ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

    These experts, it says, will help put in place the right skills, ethics and data so the UK can make the most of AI technologies.

    Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright said: “Britain is already a leading authority in AI. We are home to some of the world’s finest academic institutions, landing record levels of investment to the sector and attracting the best global tech talent, but we must not be complacent.

    “Through our AI Council we will continue this momentum by leveraging the knowledge of experts from a range of sectors to provide leadership on the best use and adoption of artificial intelligence across the economy.

    “Under the leadership of Tabitha Goldstaub the Council will represent the UK AI Sector on the international stage and help us put in place the right skills and practices to make the most of data-driven technologies.”

    Overseeing the council and advising the Government on how to work with and encourage businesses and organisations on how to boost their use of AI is Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of Cognition X, an online platform which provides companies with information and access to AI experts to boost their businesses. Goldstaub also runs CogX, one of the largest gatherings of AI experts in the world.

    “I’m thrilled the AI Council membership has been announced, convening a brilliant mix of experts who have agreed to offer their time, experience and insight to support the growth and responsible adoption of AI in the UK,“ said Goldstaub.

    “We are to grasp the full benefits of AI technologies it is vital all of the AI community comes together and works with the AI Council to create an open dialogue between industry, academia and the public sector, so we can see social and economic benefits for all of society.”

    The intention is for the AI Council to cultivate and encourage a much wider representation of experts to focus on specific topics which will initially include, but not limited to, data & ethics, adoption, skills and diversity. This will allow the broader AI community to work together to drive towards solutions and engage in making the UK a leader in the AI and data revolution.


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