• WEBINAR REWIND: An Introduction to Hybrid Cloud Camera Security with Verkada

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    Organisations are quickly moving to the cloud to enable remote access, support greater video monitoring scale, and improve usability of their video surveillance systems. These technology forward organisations are now beginning to replace their outdated traditional CCTV networks with a more modern approach.

    Verkada recently hosted a webinar entitled an Introduction to Hybrid Cloud Camera Security, covering off the following key issues:-

    • How to deploy smart cloud-based video surveillance
    • Eliminate the NVR, one of the most vulnerable points of entry to your network
    • Scale coverage effortlessly without impacting your network footprint
    • Securely share live camera feeds via SMS in seconds

    You can re-watch the webinar in full by clicking here.

    You can register for Verkada’s next webinar – Eliminate the NVR, Move to the Cloud – by clicking here.


    Stuart O'Brien

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