• Which X-ray Scanners are suitable for different types of Business?

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    The day-to-day activities of a workplace will play a big part in guiding the decision of which type of x-ray scanner is best for your business. If you are using the X-ray Scanner for postal screening, then the size of the mailroom will also place a big part in this decision.

    It will be useful to think about what items you will be scanning. If it will just be parcels and letters than a cabinet scanner with a smaller capacity will be sufficient. But what if it’s briefcases and backpacks? 

    The average size of what you are needing to scan will help determine the type of machine required, this might be a single letter, mail sacks, large boxes, courier deliveries or baggage. Whether you decided on a Conveyor X-ray Scanner or a Cabinet X-ray Scanner, both have many different features and functionalities that can detect explosives, incendiaries, weapons and contraband. 

    Conveyor X-ray Scanners are suitable for and widely used at airports, Government Buildings, Banks, VIP Residences, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Schools & Universities and Public Event Venues. Remember not all Conveyor X-ray Scanners are the same size, and the type of Conveyor scanner you use will largely be determined by the size of products you wish to scan. For example, a smaller more mobile conveyor scanner would possibly be more suitable in public event venues, schools and universities as this could be easily deployed to another area should screening locations change, and would be suitable for smaller items such as student belongings or bags of those attending a public event.

    Cabinet X-ray scanners provide a compact, cost effective threat detection solution without the space requirements and operating costs of a conveyor-based X-ray system.  They are ideal for mailrooms and reception areas as they take up less room than a conveyor and can be stood up and moved around on wheels.

    Whatever X-ray Scanner you have in place, it is imperative that staff are well trained not only in operating the scanner but in detecting possible indicators of a suspect item, and the appropriate action upon discovery of any suspicious item.  


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