• 97% of companies are targeted by non-malware attacks

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    Traditional antivirus software is not capable of protecting from the increasing wave of fileless viral attacks, security company warns.

    Carbon Black, an endpoint security leader, is aiming to replace traditional and legacy antivirus software, which struggles to detect ‘non-malware’ attacks.

    Unlike malicious software, non-malware does not need to be directly downloaded and can remain under the radar for much longer, posing a very real threat to businesses.

    “Non-malware attacks are stealthier than traditional malware and often go undetected for significant lengths of time,” said Patrick Morley, Carbon Black’s president and chief executive officer, “A new prevention model is required to stop these attacks. Carbon Black is redefining this model with a soon-to-be released prevention technology”.

    The security company also found that 98% of security researchers encounter at least one non-malware attack per month, and they are currently developing a ‘Next Generation Antivirus’ to combat it effectively.

    Also aiming to continue to prevent standard malware, Carbon Black hopes to define antiviral solutions for a new digital age.

    Having been named one of six ‘Visionaries’ by tech researcher Gartner in their latest study, which detailed their belief that the direction of hackers will be in script manipulation.

    “Buyers should look for vendors that focus on memory exploit protection, script analysis and behaviour indicators of compromise,” Gartner wrote in the study, Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, “we believe that vendors that focus on detecting behaviour indicative of attacker tradecraft (that is, tools, tactics and techniques) will be the most effective.”


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