• Centrify boots its MFA Everywhere initiative across hybrid IT infrastructures…

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    Centrify, an industry leader in securing enterprise identities against cyber threats, has announced the next evolution of its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Everywhere initiative, with support for new platforms — including Windows and UNIX servers, as well as Windows laptops — and new authentication factors while extending MFA to ‘privileged account use cases’.

    Centrify revealed that MFA has been extended to new platforms in order to better secure all types of users in a hybrid environment. Now, the company is supporting MFA at login into Windows laptops, desktops and servers as well as MFA support for Windows privileged command execution to benefit IT organisations who want to further secure both their end users and IT users from the compromising of credentials by hackers.

    Chief product officer at Centrify, Bill Mann said: “Centrify is committed to protecting businesses against cyber attacks that target both end users and privileged IT users.

    He continued: “We are extending our MFA capabilities to Windows to better secure end users and their devices. For privileged IT users, we’ve added additional server operating systems, as well as enforcing MFA when remote sessions are initiated, and on privileged password checkout. Our integrated MFA capabilities clearly differentiate our solution from the competition when it comes to securing access across today’s hybrid infrastructure and apps environment.”


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