• CLIQ Remote shortlisted for housing award

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    A remote key management system has been shortlisted for the 2017 Housing Innovation Award.

    ASSA CLIQ Remote’s technology allows users to give remote access to a property through the internet, reducing the time empty properties remain vacant in the process.

    Aimed at housing organisations, the remote lock can program and update individual keys, meaning key holders can only have access to  relevant areas, or during allocated times.

    Social housing organisations can also dramatically increase their potential to collect additional rent and council tax, due to quicker re-let times.

    CLIQ Remote has already been implemented in Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and, according to ASSA, is already saving staff approximately 40 hours of time a week and delivering a potential £60,000 a year in rent and council tax from properties.

    “We are thrilled that CLIQ Remote is shortlisted for ‘Most Innovative New Product’ at the 2017 Housing Innovation Awards,” said national sales manager for ASSA CLIQ Remote, Simon Wilson, “The system offers a secure and flexible solution, helping organisations to streamline their workflow.”

    “Housing associations and local authorities own five million homes in the UK,” according to Mr Wilson, who claims more than 12% of these homes remain empty, “This has huge implications for councils, including loss of rental income, increased potential for crime and other security threats, not to mention missed opportunities for would-be tenants to take advantage of safe and secure housing.”

    For more information on the Housing Innovation Awards, you can see this year’s shortlist here


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