• Do you have an innovative new way to stop a tank?

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    Yes, you read that correctly – The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is hosting a launch event for ‘Stopping it in its Tracks’ – Phase 2.

    This will take place in London, on the 16 May 2019. If you think you have an idea that could be adapted from its current use, to stop a tracked vehicle such as a tank, then DASA would like to meet you.

    The body is seeking proposals for novel approaches to stop or impede tanks and other heavy armoured vehicles while preventing or minimising collateral damage. Approaches do not need to focus on physical barriers, but can target the mobility, vision or even the engine.

    DASA has already facilitated a range of innovators to develop such technologies on behalf of the Army in a proof-of concept Phase 1. Four suppliers were funded with technologies ranging from targeting the engine and sensors to deploying wired mesh technology to inhibit the tracks.

    Dr Adam Staines at DASA said: “We are looking to harness the latest thinking and any advances in engineering, design, materials science, computing and non-kinetic weapons. Whilst the primary focus is defence, we are also interested in technologies that have wider security applications, such as preventing vehicle-related terrorist attacks.”

    Total funding of up to £3 million is available for Phase 2 of this competition from which DASA anticipate funding around 5-6 projects. Suppliers do not have to have been in Phase 1 of the competition to take part. Additional funding may be available for future phases of this competition.

    To attend the event please register via Eventbrite.


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