• F24 and The BCI present the new Emergency Communications Report 2021

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    The pandemic has driven organisations to adopt collaboration software in 2020 and this trend is expected to continue for 2021.

    Previous reports have highlighted an overreliance on tools from the private environment for communication during emergency situations (e.g. WhatsApp). Organisations are moving away from tools from such as WhatsApp and using more collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, which is also being used in incident situations. Many organisations, who have been using collaborative tools/software for the first time in 2020, are now seeking to extend investment into specialist emergency communications technology solutions.

    “2020 was a testing year for all organisations, but one which has transformed the way businesses communicate. This year’s report shows how organisations have been switching physical meetings to virtual settings, with most exploiting collaborative technology such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom more than ever before. The success in using such collaboration tools has driven many organisations to consider investing in more specialist tools for emergency communications for the first time: 49% of respondents who do not currently have tools are already actively trialling new tools or are considering it.”, summarizes Rachael Elliott, Head of Thought Leadership at the BCI.

    As Europe’s leading provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification, as well as business messaging, F24 is proud to exclusively present the BCI Emergency Communications Report and results of this year’s survey. This annual publication provides insight into how organisations communicate in an emergency, the key communication challenges organisations face, and how technology is helping to assist in communications processes.

    Download your free copy directly from the F24 website.


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