• Five reasons to choose Sony 4K network video cameras

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    Five reasons to choose Sony 4K network video cameras

    4K means even more detail than Full HD. But that’s not the whole story. Find out why our high-performance 4K IP network cameras are the prime choice for a huge range of video security, surveillance and monitoring applications.

    Four times the resolution of Full HD

    More pixels mean lots more detail. Our 4K network cameras capture ultra-crisp video with a huge 3840 × 2160 resolution. That’s over eight million individual pixels: four times more than the screen of your Full HD television. It’s great news if you’re monitoring the action in a busy street, a shopping mall or a factory production line with our 4K cameras. Suddenly you can see the finest details of a vehicle licence plate, a face in a crowd or an unexpected object.

    Extraordinary sensitivity

    The cutting-edge 1.0 type Exmor-R CMOS imaging sensor in our SNC-VM772R allows it to grab light far more efficiently than sensors used in other 4K cameras, matching the sensitivity of FHD cameras but at an incredible 20 MP resolution. The new SNC-VB770 takes 4K sensitivity to a new level. With a full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor and powerful digital signal processing it delivers a colour picture in almost total darkness. And that means our cameras can capture intricately detailed colour video footage, with far less distracting picture noise that plagues other security cameras.

    Fewer cameras, simpler installation

    Just one eagle-eyed 4K camera can cover 4X the area of a standard HD camera. You’ll need to invest in fewer cameras to monitor large areas like a car park, a train station or a sports stadium. That makes it significantly quicker and cheaper to install a new 4K camera network, or replace your existing CCTV system with one. With fewer cameras needed to cover a scene, you’ll also benefit from lower running costs over the lifetime of your video security network. With our rugged, reliable 4K cameras you can expect reduced energy bills and fewer maintenance call-outs.

    Intelligent Integration

    The Intelligent features of the Sony 4K cameras mean you don’t have to upgrade your whole system to enjoy the benefits of 4K. Intelligent cropping delivers a full overview of the scene in FHD on one stream, and up to four native-resolution cropped streams, with dynamic tracking to capture details in full resolution without missing a thing in the overview. It’s like having smart PTZ and fixed camera in the same box.

    Enhanced Intelligence

    Our 4K cameras aren’t just sharper – they’re smarter, too. As well as intelligent tracking , and advanced motion detection, Intelligent Coding captures selected areas of interest in maximum detail, while reducing bit-rates in the other areas of the scene to save network bandwidth, and storage costs.

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