• How the G4S Connected Officer is driving security transformation 

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    Noah Price, G4S International Academy Director, outlines how its Connected Officer Programme is delivering service improvement, workforce engagement and the delivery of safer environments, by leveraging technology advancements, whilst maintaining personal interaction…

    Today’s security consumers demand a proactive, data-driven, intelligent, and informed approach to operational delivery. Security providers must supply their customers with clear and transparent performance data in real time, to drive better decision making.

    The G4S Connected Officer programme connects people through technology to improve security decisions and performance. It is already well embedded within some significant security operations but is also just as relevant for small and medium sized businesses.

    A Connected Officer’s appearance will vary depending on the environment in which they work.  In some cases, wearable technology will be obvious to the public and for good reason, while in others, such as corporate receptions, it may be less apparent.

    Benefits of the Connected Officer Programme   

    The programme helps to drive officer engagement and motivation by using technology to provide   easy access to a network of colleagues and to learning and development materials.

    It also provides customers with real time insight to drive better decision making. Using their handheld devices to record all activities, data is captured from officers and consolidated into easy to consume reporting, which customers can view at the click of a button. They can also review an archive of reported incidents to assess trends. 

    The programme makes use of artificial intelligence to identify potential incidents before they occur. Unusual motion and activity is flagged in real time, allowing officers to proactively investigate incidents, armed with key information.

    The presence of body-worn cameras has been proven to change the way the public interact with security – often quickly appeasing hostile and aggravated incidents, once people become aware that they are being recorded.

    The environment benefits too. With paper reported to account for around 26% of total waste at landfill, the elimination of paper-based reporting provides significant sustainability benefits, with an associated reduction in storage and energy consumption.

    To find out more about the G4S Connected Officer Programme see https://www.g4s.com/en-gb/what-we-do/security-solutions/connected-security/the-connected-officer-guide


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