• INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Prime Secure – The UK’s leading eco CCTV tower

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    Prime Secure has launched the UK’s only 100% Eco-powered CCTV Tower featuring A.I. technology with 360°, 24/7 coverage.

    Market-leading solar panels and wind turbine deliver true eco power. No battery swaps, top-ups, generators, methanol… just 24/7 operation with no hidden costs.

    A 7m telescopic mast featuring four turret cameras and powerful A.I. features like virtual tripwires, intrusion area detection, false alarm filter, people counting, facial recognition, image search, and low-light technology.

    The system boasts 360° coverage with deep learning capabilities allowing it to automatically adapt to its environment, minimising false activations, with a 5MP camera and 40m detection range. Voice box alarm, monitoring, and Prime Secure’s Priority Police Response ensure intrusions are dealt with quickly and effectively.

    100% Eco-powered, 100% Effective
    No other CCTV Tower offers 100% eco power, with A.I. capabilities, 360° coverage and 24/7 operation.

    Powerful A.I. with Deep Learning
    Deep learning A.I. technology learns from its environment.

    Market-leading 5MP Camera
    HD is 1920 x 1080 pixels, but 5MP is 2560 x 1920. The Eco Tower’s four turret cameras deliver clear, sharp images.

    24/7 Recording with Live View
    Record all day long, and dial in with our dedicated app so you can check up on your site whenever you like.

    40m Detection Range
    Four turret cameras provide 360° protection.


    Virtual Tripwires
    Our software allows us to draw virtual tripwires, the crossing of which can trigger a series of actions like audio warnings and email alerts.

    Low Light Technology
    Ultra low light technology uses the ambient light from the moon to generate clear images at night.

    Wide Dynamic Range
    WDR technology is excellent for high contrast scenes, simultaneously balancing bright and shaded areas.

    False Alarm Filter
    Analysis is performed on detected behaviours or events, automatically filtering out false alarms introduced by animals, rustling leaves, bright lights, rain, snow, etc.

    Smart Motion Detection
    An advanced algorithm allows the system to differentiate between people and cars, and other objects and sends alarms only when a person or vehicle is detected.

    Find out more here: https://www.prime-secure.co.uk/construction/eco-cctv-tower-total-security-briefing/


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