• Nexsan: Data security a top priority in connecting a workforce…

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    New research deriving from the unified storage solutions company, Nexsan, has affirmed that, along with download speeds, data security is also considered to be a top priority to creating a truly connected workforce.

    Although 91 per cent of respondents felt they were permitted to access work files outside of the workplace, only 58 per cent considered access to files from another location to be ‘private and secure’. In addition, regarding the sharing of files outside of the organisation, an alarming 3 per cent stated that this operation is ‘private and secure’.

    Geraldine Osman, vice president of international marketing at Nexsan, said: “The survey statistics reveal a picture of a workforce whose constituents need to access and share files remotely and across devices, yet who are being hindered by download speeds, lack of secure file sync and share facilities and storage systems that are too rigid.”


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