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    Our Guard Management solution is designed to increase officer productivity and accountability, while giving you visibility into daily operations. Our mobile solution is perhaps the most important piece of equipment a security guard can have – intelligence and communication – to keep guards safe and productive.

    Incident and Activity Reporting

    Our solution enables officers to record detailed and media-rich incident and activity reports directly on their mobile devices. With configurable incident types, you can automate the process of reporting and responding to incidents and get notified in real-time as they happen.

    Guard Touring System

    Easily guide and monitor your officers with our real-time mobile touring application. Track officer tours on a map while they scan checkpoints and perform actions you configure. Get real-time notifications on missed tours, missed checkpoints, or if an officer needs assistance.

    Lone Worker Protection

    Ensure the safety of your most valuable asset with our lone worker protection app. Our mobile solution can enable officers to send alerts if they are at risk, detect whether an officer is down, and send alerts on their location and where nearby officers can respond.

    Time and Attendance Tracking

    Ensure accurate time tracking and reduce time theft through our mobile time and attendance tracking solution. Using mobile geolocation or NFC scanning, you can ensure that officers start and end shifts on-time and get alerts for missed or late shifts. Never miss a shift again with our mobile solution.

    To see a full list of features and capabilities of our comprehensive workforce management solutions, visit www.trackforce.com.


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