• TUC warns against companies microchipping employees

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    The Trades Union Congress has been moved to issue a statement following reports that UK companies are investigating the possibility of microchipping employees in the interests of security.

    The Sunday Telegraph had reported that Sweden-based firm Biohax was in discussions with several British legal and financial firms about fitting employees with microchips, while UK supplier BioTeq had already fitted 150 implants in the UK.

    Commenting on the prospect of British companies implanting staff with microchips to improve security, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We know workers are already concerned that some employers are using tech to control and micromanage, whittling away their staff’s right to privacy.

    “Microchipping would give bosses even more power and control over their workers. There are obvious risks involved, and employers must not brush them aside, or pressure staff into being chipped.

    “Employers should always discuss and agree workplace monitoring policies with their workforces. Unions can negotiate agreements that safeguard workers’ privacy, while still making sure the job gets done.

    “But the law needs to change too, so that workers are better protected against excessive and intrusive surveillance.”

    The CBI also sounded the alarm, telling The Guardian: “While technology is changing the way we work, this makes for distinctly uncomfortable reading. Firms should be concentrating on rather more immediate priorities and focusing on engaging their employees.”


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