• Work-fixated Brits continually placing corporate data at risk…

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    OneLogin, a leader in cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) has revealed that work-obsessed UK employees are consistently placing corporate data at risk due to an increase in individuals accessing work records during out-of-office hours.

    Although three-quarters of employees currently have security software set up on their work devices – which could potentially be down to an organisation’s security policy – OneLogin found that employees are constantly sidestepping simple security procedures. 11 per cent claimed they would willingly give colleagues access to their work device, and a further 9 per cent would grant their partners access.

    VP of EMEA at OneLogin, Per Uhd Stritich, said: “Remote and desk-less employees are of course largely beneficial to organisations in terms of productivity and scaling down on costs. However, the correct measures need to be put in place to ensure remote workforces are accessing data securely and that it’s not placed in the hands of others. For example, single sign-on technologies and IAM solutions will ensure only the employee can access work data, no matter who else gets their hands on the device.”

    Furthermore, 35 per cent admitted that they would actually share their passwords for work-related technology, such as apps, emails and devices, with close friends and family.



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