• Global Peace, Security and Strategic Studies MA launched

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    Vesalius College, Brussels, has announced a new Masters programme aimed specifically for those who want to pursue a career working towards the world’s future peace and security.

    The MA in Global Peace, Security and Strategic Studies is in partnership with Egmont Institute, the Royal Military Academy, the Institute of Economics and Peace and Vesalius College, with courses starting August 2017.

    The one-year programme will be led and taught in English by a transnational network of leading academics, as well as those from top international think-tanks and senior policy makers from the EU, NATO and the United Nations.

    Students will also have the opportunity to complete a prestigious internship with one of the programme’s many high-profile partners.

    The director of the program is NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General fro Emerging Security Challenges, Jamie Shea.

    Commenting on the program, Shea said: “The ever-shifting landscape of international diplomacy means that institutions such as the EU and NATO, along with NGOs and think tanks, need a strong inflow of smart, well-prepared individuals. From cyber-threats to increasing geo-political instability, the security issues facing the world are more complicated than ever before and we need to learn new tricks to keep on top of them. It’s a challenge, but an exciting one – this programme is a call to arms for all those young people who care about the world’s future security and want to help.”

    Applications for the MA in Global Peace, Security and Strategic Studies are being taken now.



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