• INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Wannacry – A wake up call to review your information security

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    The Wannacry ransomware virus that hit the world last month demonstrated just how vulnerable our systems and information is to hostile attacks. Estimated to have hit in 99 countries across the globe, the attack on the NHS alone was deemed to have been the largest cyber-attack in its history and the impact was severe. Appointments and operations were cancelled and doctors warned that the infiltration could have cost lives.

    Whilst the stakes in business may not be as high, last month’s attacks do offer us a wake-up call and highlight the need for more robust information security systems. The single greatest asset held by most companies is their information.  Its protection is key to the success of any business, particularly in highly competitive markets where new designs, technological advance, customer information and intellectual property have significant commercial value. However you store the information you hold dear and whatever its format, whether it’s on your servers, in your filing cabinets or even the spoken word, now is the time to take proactive action to protect it and so deter terrorists, criminals and others before damage can be done.

    Much can be done to detect attempts to gain information about you or to steal your proprietary information in preparation for more serious attacks. In most cases, there are tell-tale signs which, if dealt with immediately, can prevent the loss of information and reduce the subsequent risk of action against you.  In general terms this means deploying an appropriate method of surveillance to look for indications that something is wrong.

    Esoteric’s specialism is the pro-active protection of client information and assets by countering attempted or actual attacks. These may involve theft of assets, sensitive company information, copyright or intellectual property to achieve competitor advantage, to counterfeit goods, to commit fraud or other crime, or to benefit from corrupt or improper activity.

    If you have concerns about the integrity of your information, call Esoteric in confidence today on 01483 740423 or visit our website on www.esotericltd.com.


    Stuart O'Brien

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