• It’s time to properly regulate the use of drones in security…

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    For all the pros associated with the commercial and practical uses of drones – or UAVs – there have been a lot of cons to weigh up in recent months in terms of public perception. Drones have offered a huge technological leap in surveillance for security personnel but without adhering to the correct guidelines and regulations, organisations could be getting themselves into hot water.

    Examples just last year – including unrest during a Serbia v. Albania football match involving a drone and unidentified UAVs flying over seven French nuclear plants – highlight how unfettered usage can damage the reputation of an otherwise extremely useful tool. And considering strict restrictions on drone usage, to which security firms are bound do exist, questions have to be asked if not all of them stick to the rules.

    That being said, with the correct enforcement of these regulations and a better public image, the use of drones could and should become an integral part of security operations. Indeed, more than £14 million was allocated by the government earlier this year to create a new drone police force across the UK. Clearly, with the right ‘PR’ campaign, there is no reason why the number of operational drones in the UK and across Europe cannot continue to rise exponentially.